• DATE:06/03/2023
  • How many temples destroyed?:1
  • Perpetrators:Vadakkumpatt Raseela
  • General act of Hindumisia. (Add count ):1
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):https://hindupost.in/featured/drunk-muslim-lady-raseela-enters-kannur-muthappan-temple/

[ Reported as seen ]

Vadakkumpatt Raseela, a notorious and alcoholic woman defiled the Illikunnu Sree Muthappan Kavu near Thalassery, Kannur. Under the influence of alcohol, the woman arrived at the temple, unable to stand straight, verbally abused the Lord and left.

Raseela did vulgar and filthy against the aged priest seated before the God. She stumbled into the Madayan several times and swayed through her ‘drunken’ act. The Madayan kept his cool, and Raseela turned towards the God.

“If you come into my dreams, neither your flower necklace nor your bouquet will remain. I will turn your turmeric into chilly powder,” she said.

With these comments, she abused onlookers, stumbled into her waiting car, and left. Though it was dark and past dusk, Raseela seemed to slip into the passenger side.

Raseela is an auto driver’s daughter and is somehow, manages to have a source of income without any work.

The 29 year-old, hails from the Muslim community and her family lives in  Thalassery. She stays  in rented quarters near Pinarayi, 10 km away.