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Crimes against Hindus
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Climax of a genocide is the denial of it.

Millenia has passed – millions dead – millions more raped, enslaved or displaced. But no one knows their names, no one talks about it.

Like shadows in the dark, millions of faceless, nameless Hindus have faded away from our collective psyche.

They did die twice. Once when the invading barbarians took their life and once again when we wiped them off our history books.

Project Hindukush was created to tell their story.

Since our formation on November 2021, at ProjectHindukush.com [Hindu Genocide Watch] – we have logged nearly one hundred million crimes against Hindus spread over the last 1400 years. Most of these are just ‘death’ figures; and certainly, a lot of research (lots of) is still warranted to properly investigate and log the millions of rapes and billions of displacements spread over the last fourteen millennia.

Bin Qasim’s assault at Sindh was 1311 years ago.

By today’s data (that we have) what it means is this – 198 deaths (mostly) per day or 8.26 per hour.

So every 7 minutes 15 sec, a crime against Hindu happens (mostly death)

Theoretically one happened already while you were reading this.

And we are just scratching the surface.

Understand the Chronology

of the biggest genocide that you never knew happened.