When 1497, Santa Maria, Columbus’s ship showed up in the shores of the new world, historians estimate that there were around 100 million soles populated just the North America. Now, these mighty “First People” survive in reservations. Reduced to just tourist attraction.  

The great Aztecs and Mayans were thriving in Central America, Incas had an empire covering almost all of the western coast of South America – Now they are only found in Museums. 

The Flavian Caesars of the Roman Empire along with Emperor Justinian with his ‘Codex’ converted a very diverse and pluralistic Europe to a monolith of Christianity in just two centuries. 

Egyptian civilisation, the land of legendary Pharaohs, was Islamised in a generation while Persia fell to the swords of Islam in mere forty years. 

Yet, it took Islam 400 years to get to Delhi from Sindh. After nearly 1200 years of aggressive proselytization. We are still 1.2 billion Hindus across the world. 

A mere coincidence?   We say NO. 

Here in this page we showcase the relentless valour of our heroines and heroes who ensured that the resistance never ended. 

From ‘The KaalBhoj, Bappa Rawal’ to ‘The Mahakal, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’ ,  this is the longest running resistance to foreign occupiers, that you never heard about. 

Millenia Long Resistance

Dec 25

🙏🏽Shubha Atal Jayanti 🙏🏽”Rag Rag Hindu Mera Parichaye”

“Rag Rag Hindu Mera Parichaye”   Wish all our viewers and members Shubha Atal Jayanti. We could not add anything more than what Manoj Muntasir has in this amazing work. Do watch the video, share and subscribe to his work.

Dec 08

Bagha Jatin – The Bengal Tiger Roars

“Amra morbo, jagat jagbe” We shall die to awaken the nation! – (Bagha Jatin) Jatindranath Mukherjee – On this day, on 1879, the nationalist-revolutionary succumbed were born in Jessore , modern Bangladesh Indian history has discounted the significant contributions of Bagha Jatin towards the freedom movement, thanks to the Left-leaning…Read More

Dec 03

Khudiram – The youngest martyr who smiled from the scaffold.

Khudiram Bose (also spelled Khudiram Basu or Khudiram Bose) (3 December 1889 – 11 August 1908) was an Indian revolutionary from Bengal Presidency who opposed British rule of India. For his role in the Muzaffarpur Conspiracy Case, along with Prafulla Chaki, he was sentenced to death and subsequently executed, making…Read More

Nov 30

Char Dham Bill Repealed. Success for the Hindu activists

Hindu activists and the priests of the Chardham have been objecting to the board’s formation, seeing it as an infringement on their rights, and have been calling for its abolition. The Uttarakhand Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, declared on Tuesday (30 November) that the BJP govt in the state has…Read More