She died twice.

She died twice. Once when the Turks took her, and once more when we forgot her name.

Millenia has passed – millions dead – millions more raped, enslaved or displaced. But no one knows their names, no one talks about it.

Like shadows in the dark, millions of faceless, nameless Hindus have faded away from our collective psyche.

They did die twice. Once when the invading barbarians took their life and once again when we wiped them off our history books.

Project Hindukush is created to tell their story.

We are the resistance.

A little dive into the history

The word, “Hindu Kush” is often referred to the mountain range located amidst the Central Asian and South Asian part which stretches to the west of the Himalayas. But due to rapid colonisation and systematic conditioning, the real meaning evaded from the mind of the people.

When we look at the ancient text in the Vedic Sanskrit, Hindu Kush is mentioned as Uparisyena which means “Beyond the reach of Eagles”.

In classic history, the Hindu Kush mountain range has been considered a natural boundary between Persia and India or has been a pass between India and Afghanistan.

So, how did the name of Uparisyena change to the Hindu Kush in the following years?

Before the 7th Century, the mountain was known as “Abarsen” in Persian. Even the Persians and Afghans used to call it by its Sanskrit name. This area is generally composed of Hindus. Then there were constant invasions in ancient Bharat in between the 8th and 13th Century, by Central Asian rulers. The raiders were commanded to plunder palaces, demolish temples and sculptures.

In due course, they killed vast numbers of people, especially men. The Hindus were enslaved and converted. That was during this time many males and females were traded to Central Asia as slaves. They were made to pass these snowy high ranges. Due to snow and exceeding cold, most of the slaves brought back and forth from Bharat died due to the intensity of the cold.

The Hindu Kush is a Persian/Urdu word which refers to as Hindu-Killer (Kush-means a male, a killer). According to German Jewish linguistic expert Francis Joseph Steingass, this term was coined as a result of oppression, slavery of Hindus by Persians and Afghans.

What is Project Hindu Kush?

Project Hindu Kush is a digital collection of the series of events in the past and present against the oppression of the Hindus and its branches as a whole. Hindus have faced and sustained persecution, systematic violence, demolition of temples and massacres on a massive scale. This platform is created to generate a righteous database regarding the historical and ongoing autocracies on Hindu’s around the globe. We are here to inspire the surviving generation to confront hatred, prevent genocide and support the community at the most. We want to educate the world against rising Hinduphobia and create a global impact to tackle such a situation. We want to encourage the Hindu community by cultivating a sense of moral responsibility so that they can confront the uprising enormity.

Today we face an alarming rate of Hindu hatred and there is a denial of the brutality against the community. We are here to provide support and solutions to the community as a whole.

Why Project Hindu Kush?

Hindus are the oldest surviving civilisation in the world. Mass atrocities and holocaust are not spontaneous, be it Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust or recent holocausts in West Bengal, Kashmir, Delhi to name a few. These are systematically planned and funded. The cataclysm against Hindus can be prevented by addressing the early warning signs and taking necessary action with the help of the local acting volunteers and government officials.
We will be building our statistical data based on the series of events that took place. It will be a starting point for discussion and further analysis for future action.

How does it work?

If you see any violence against any Hindu, you can directly report by filling up the form on our website. Our local support group will reach out to the victims/person seeking assistance as soon as possible. You can also help us by volunteering or submitting any write-up of the cataclysm that has been systematically erased or is kept under wraps from the people.