• DATE:27/06/2024
  • How many hindus converted?:4
  • Perpetrators:Bangladeshi Islamic mob
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):https://x.com/HinduVoice_in/status/1806278448333426916

(Reported as seen)

In a troubling development from Bangladesh, Hindu minorities continue to face persecution in the predominantly Muslim nation. This includes frequent attacks on Hindu temples, abductions of Hindu girls, and land grabbing. Recently, Islamic conversion gangs have intensified their targeting of Hindu families, with a case of forced conversion reported in the Sylhet district.

Shambhu Das, a resident of Habiganj Upazila in Sylhet, became the latest victim of these conversion gangs. Living with his three minor sons, Shambhu was allegedly brainwashed by a group focused on Islamic conversions. Under their influence, Shambhu fled his home with his children and sought out Maolana Pir Charmonai, a well-known Islamic preacher. Subsequently, Shambhu and his sons converted to Islam, adopting new Islamic names.

Following their conversion, a video was posted on Facebook by Islamists, publicizing the conversion of Shambhu and his sons. This act has sparked significant concern among the Hindu community and activists in Bangladesh.

Notably, Shambhu’s wife did not convert and has taken legal action against the forced conversion of her family. She has filed cases to challenge the legitimacy of the conversion and to regain custody of her children.

Hindu activists are optimistic that the conversion will be declared invalid under Bangladeshi law, which prohibits the conversion of minors. They believe this legal framework will support the mother’s efforts to reunite with her children and reverse the forced conversion.

This incident underscores the ongoing struggles of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, highlighting the need for stronger protections and enforcement of laws to safeguard their rights and religious freedoms.