• DATE:02/07/2024
  • Perpetrators: Islamic mob
  • How many were injured?:1
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):https://hindupost.in/world/bangladesh/bangladesh-islamists-beat-up-hindu-headmaster-inside-school-in-gopalganj/

(Reported as seen)

The persecution of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh shows no sign of abating, with yet another distressing incident reported from the Gopalganj district. Hindu headmaster Biswajit Mondal of Orakandi Middle High School became the latest victim of violence and humiliation at the hands of Islamic radicals.

On July 2nd, during school hours, Islamists Aminur Rahman Sikdar, Khalil Mollla, and several others stormed into the school premises. They forcefully entered the headmaster’s office and viciously attacked Biswajit Mondal in front of the students. The brutal assault left the headmaster humiliated and shaken.

The shocking incident sparked outrage among the students, who immediately began to protest. Their agitation grew intense, forcing the assailants to flee the school premises to avoid further escalation. The students, standing in solidarity with their headmaster, demanded the immediate arrest of the attackers.

Biswajit Mondal promptly filed a complaint with the Upazila Officer of the Education Department, who assured that necessary actions would be taken following a primary investigation. However, as of now, no action has been taken against the perpetrators.

Local sources revealed that Aminur Rahman Sikdar is a member of the school’s management committee. His involvement in the attack, along with his accomplices, underscores the systemic nature of such persecution.

This incident is a grim reminder of the continued suffering faced by Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. The Hindu community is frequently targeted, with little to no recourse or justice. The repeated acts of violence and intimidation are attempts to erode the cultural and religious fabric of the Hindu minority, instilling fear and insecurity.

The international community must take note of these egregious violations of human rights and exert pressure on the Bangladeshi authorities to protect minority communities. Immediate and stringent action is imperative to ensure justice for Biswajit Mondal and to prevent further atrocities against the Hindu community.