• DATE:11/04/2024
  • Perpetrators:Anees, Saddam, Mohiuddin, Aleem, and Baura
  • Sexual crimes against women? (Add count):1
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):Uttar Pradesh: Minor kidnapped and converted, gangraped after marriage, SP took action, case registered against five people

(Reported as seen)

SP Vrinda Shukla has swiftly responded to a distressing case involving the kidnapping, conversion, marriage, and gang rape of a Dalit minor. Following the publication of this case in Hindustan, the police became active under SP’s instructions.

Upon receiving the report, SP Vrinda Shukla promptly called the victim and her aunt to the police station. A confrontation ensued between CO Mahsi and the victim’s aunt. SP Shukla personally visited the victim’s village late Thursday evening, gathering information about the case from the family for about 45 minutes and registering a report against five individuals. The SHO has been instructed to arrest all culprits within three days.

In a village under Hardi police station jurisdiction, individuals from the neighborhood kidnapped a Dalit girl, converted her, and married her. She was subsequently raped by five people for three days. The girl was returned to her grandmother with promises of no police action due to pressure from influential figures. On Wednesday morning, attackers assaulted the girl’s maternal uncle, attempting to forcibly take her away. Upon learning of the incident, the victim’s aunt filed an online complaint to the SP.

The victim, a mute resident of the village, had sent her 15-year-old daughter to her maternal home to care for her ailing mother. On the night of February 3rd, Anees, Saddam, Mohiuddin, Aleem, and Baura abducted the girl and took her to another village, where she was converted and married under the supervision of a Maulvi. After her sudden disappearance, the grandmother and mother searched for the girl for three days. Elite individuals in the village pressured them to silence the matter, and the girl was sent to her grandmother’s house. However, upon her return, she disclosed the conversion, marriage, and rape by five individuals to her mother and grandmother.

When the bullies demanded the girl be sent back and threatened dire consequences, the victim’s aunt intervened, taking the victim to meet the SP on Wednesday, but was unable to do so. Consequently, she lodged an online complaint, which was prominently featured in Hindustan on Thursday.

Due to the SP’s strict stance, the SHO summoned the victim’s aunt to the police station on Thursday afternoon, where she arrived with the victim. Allegedly, CO Mahsi dismissed the matter as false, sparking a heated argument. However, the officers’ attitude changed upon learning of the SP’s visit to the victim’s village.

Following the victim’s aunt’s complaint, a case has been registered against five individuals under various sections, including kidnapping, hostage-taking, gang rape, intimidation, POCSO, the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, and the Dalit Atrocities Act. The investigation has been entrusted to CO Mahsi.