• DATE:11/04/2024
  • Perpetrators:Islamist Sheikh Shahjahan's group members
  • General act of Hindumisia. (Add count ):1
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):https://www.opindia.com/2024/04/sandeshkhali-tmc-workers-allegedly-burn-bjp-workers-house-distribute-govt-funded-sarees-for-vote/

(Reported as seen)

In Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, tensions escalate as a BJP worker’s house is allegedly set ablaze by individuals linked to the Trinamool Congress (TMC). Subrata Mandal, the affected BJP worker, accuses TMC-sponsored miscreants of the arson, while TMC leaders deny any involvement, attributing the incident to a family dispute.

The charred remains of Mandal’s house in Khulna village panchayat paint a grim picture, with only bamboo poles left standing. Mandal claims victimization by the TMC-led administration, alleging deprivation of services due to his BJP affiliation. He asserts that the arson was a retaliation for his refusal to join the TMC ranks.

Amidst the turmoil, reports emerge of TMC workers distributing sarees to women in Sandeshkhali, urging them to vote for the party under threat of violence. These sarees, originally procured as disaster relief material, are now wielded as political tools by TMC operatives. Women recount clandestine visits by TMC representatives, distributing sarees under cover of darkness and issuing ominous warnings if allegiance to the TMC is not pledged.

The atmosphere in Sandeshkhali remains charged, with fear pervading the electorate as the specter of political coercion looms large. Residents express a desire for a thorough CBI probe into local strongman Sheikh Shahjahan’s activities to ensure fair and free elections devoid of intimidation.