• DATE:5/04/2024
  • How many hindus converted?:2
  • Perpetrators:Jihadi Mohd Salman & Tauhid Khan
  • Where did you come to know about this event from ? (Please provide source link):https://twitter.com/TheTreeni/status/1778422819556061523

(Reported as seen)

In two separate incidents reported from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, two teenage Hindu girls have been abducted by youths from the Muslim community, sparking concerns of potential conversion.

The first incident occurred in a village in Kankarkheda on April 5, where a girl went missing after being last seen with Mohammad Salman, a resident of the area. Despite efforts to locate her and complaints filed with the police, she remains missing, with her mobile phone switched off. A case has been registered against Mohammad Salman based on her father’s complaint.

In the second incident in Mawana, a 15-year-old girl disappeared on April 8 from her maternal uncle’s house. Investigations revealed that she was kidnapped by a youth named Tauhid Khan from the same village. The family suspects that the girl may be coerced into converting to Islam. A case has been filed, and efforts to locate the girl are ongoing.

The families have sought assistance from Hindu organizations and BJP leaders, highlighting the growing concern over the targeting of young Hindu girls for conversion to Islam by the Islamic conversion mafia. The community is actively involved in the search for the victims, while police investigations continue.

These incidents underscore the need for heightened vigilance and prompt action to prevent such cases of abduction and forced conversion. It is imperative to protect the rights and safety of individuals from all communities and ensure that justice is served in cases of religiously motivated crimes.